Thursday, November 11, 2010

sonia - ' kabhi aana tu meri galli'

Sonia Madam,
while my appeal might seem like another piece of flattery and it may leave hoards of congressmen jealous of me for having this brainwave ( there is no dearth of sycophants in congress who want to out do each other in pleasing you madam, you should know it better though), but i want to assure you that this appeal is truly genuine, coming from the core of my heart, sonia ji.
No, i dont want a MP ticket or a contract or a flat in Adarsh Society, Sonia ji, all i want for you is
Kabhi aana tu meri galli.
I plead you to just cross my neighbourhood once, even if you dont want to cross, will you please be kind enough to make an announcement of your plans to get here. even that will do.
You see Sonia Ji, strange things start happening the moment you announce your you see what is happening in Imphal.strange phenomenon, some aliens seems to have descended from may be another planet, who have a broom on their hands and they are sweeping the streets. this i tell you sonia ji has never happened in history of Manipur. Manipur soil has suddenly become so fertile, you have to see it to believe it, the roadside has yielded marigold flowers overnight, this I am sure would be a record whichever standards you apply, be it Italian standards or the standards that were used for commonwealth games.
so i was thinking that galli does not have a black top road and the marigold also takes to long to yield a flower. if you could just plan to visit just once.
the icing on the cake would be if you can cancel the visit at the last moment. You see, if you actually come, there there are a few hiccups though we are quite accustomed to it, like the roads being barricaded or some dirty portion of the city being closed ( out of sight is out of mind, you see) there by causing traffic snarl. But traffic is also not much of a hassle in Manipur, thanks to the eco friendly approach of our neighbouring states who do not want us to burn fossil fuels. so there is no fuel in petrol pumps. you therefore dont worry about traffic, only vehicles that you will find on the road would be lined up outside petrol pumps. the line however may stretch for kilometers, full of funny people who think just because they own a vehicle, they have right to buy patrol too. quite funny, he he . ( this is a quick tip for rahul Baba, who reached to some place in UP unannounced and he had suffer a FIFTEEN min traffic jam, can you imagine , FIFTEEEEEEEEEEN long minutes, Rahul Baba, there is no such danger here, this place is suitable for planning your unplanned visits.)
look, some more fools would differ with me. thats not something to worry about, they are just the hawkers, and road side. they keep complaining that their unlawful encroachment has been dismantled. Dont you worry about them, i can tell them that its just for a few days, wait for another 3-4 days and pay to the local authority appropriately, you will again get a chance to put up your stall. As for passing your time, you can attend the rally and add to the gathering. The more the merrier, you know Sonia ji feels so happy to see a big crowd.
that all for now sonia ji, if you finally decide to come, do let me know, you are travelling exactly in which vehicle or chopper, i can atleast wave at you, there are a number of vehicles in your cavalcade, that confuses me actually. Madamji, just one more request, if there is no weight restriction for your luggage, can you please get me 20 litres of Petrol for my Maruti 800 ( you see, my galli is quite far from rally place and i so much want to attend to your rally). yeah, just to tell you why i travel in Maruti 800, its just that bigger the car, bigger is the tax, you know there are so many taxmen in manipur. And tell you what, these taxmen are quite efficient, unlike those in your government. when they ask for payment, we must pay else they deliver justice much faster than the local court.
ok bye for now, cya in your rally.

Monday, April 19, 2010


its 2 54 am. i should be deep in my slumber at this moment considering that i need to wake up at 5 20 in the morning for PT. but the more i chase sleep, sleep runs away from me; like it happened to you in high school when much sought after beauty queens just kept that safe distance from you ( i say ' you' because i studied in an all boys school). i know that when i get up in the morning i will be groggy and curse myself for keeping awake in the night- and that is worrying me.
And that brings me to the point of writing this blog. how many times have i forgotten to live the present which is beautiful and enjoyable because i dwell in my past or i m too busy worrying about the future. i think of the present now, i find no physical pain. there is nice music playing in the radio, the mercury is just perfect. then why is it that i am giving up all this for something thats gonna happen in future. chasing sleep is a perfectly sensible thing to do and i will be crazy to keep awake all night. but, what is driving my chase for sleep. its being driven by fear of a bad morning. I would be naive to suggest not to plan for the future at all, that would put me in the category of being careless. but there is such a fine line between planning for future and worrying about it. i must admit, more often than not, its the latter one. i can help in finding that fine line. while planning is based on reason and logic, a worry rides on the back of hope and anxiety. fear and anticipation are its companion.
if only i can learn to live in the present. i can break this cycle of fear and anxiety,hope and anticipation. i can then live in the present, live the moment and make the most out of it.
its a simple lesson. but the fun lies not in finding complex rules, rather in living with the simple rules that you lay down for yourself.


do you listen or do you wait to speak.
when in a conversation next time, try and figure it out. hey and don't worry about it now... as for now, just live the moment. hope this moment brought you joy of reading a simple piece of thought :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

hi frnds,
seems i m obsessed with drawing hands. not true, the thing is that i m yet to figure out how to draw from imagination. so whatever comes across and looks easy, i try n draw it. so this one was done in 15 minutes. have used stumps for smudging. that makes the shading job so much easier. their are flaws as i see it, numerous. but its for u to point out n give me a thing or two ( only these many at a time) to improve.
the carrot is some day i will reciprocate with drawing your portrait :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


hi frnds,
once again i just wanted to rub it to u ppl telling u that i m just having a bit too much of time at hand. this is what i came up in the weekend.
now that Plagiarism is the buzz word here, i will do well to site my source :)

so i happened to come across this drawing in one of the you tube videos. i liked it and i had time to try it out so it is here.
i couldnt come up with a suitable title - big brother is watching u- could be one. or' trapped ', i liked 'trapped' more because it seems the guy is trying to tear off the paper n get out of the trap.
tell me how do u like it :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

seems i have tons of time :)

hi frnds,
havent blogged for so long.
reason being simple. i just wanted to cook up something good before putting it on a platter. n the masterpiece just wont occur.
its only when i m here in US for a course and i have a lot of time at my hands that i started with a new hobby to fill up my time. now dont go on a laughing spree when i tell u that i have started doing pencil sketches.
n its only then i realised that the fun is not in producing masterpiece. the fun is in the process.
while i wont turn u ppl green with giving you details as to how do i have plenty of time.
i would rather leave u with some of my masterpieces( well as i told u the product doesnt matter, i enjoyed the procces)

Monday, August 3, 2009

hi friends,
its irony that such alazy bum as me is writing on spirit of olympics, u can see it for yourself that this post is coming months after the olympics are over n may be the trials for next olympics have also started.......... who knows :)
but then all of this is not as it seems. there are two things.
one is that i have strong motivation to be shaken off my lethargy
n second is that being disorganised has certain advantages like finding a note like this from a long forgotten trouser's pocket. so here it is ....

the spirit of olympics

almost a monthsince i put on my running shoes. it took almost 07 days of cumulative effort of all the top athletes from across the planet to spur me into action,shaking off my lethargy. if one gold and two bronze, the medal tally of entire indian contingent( incidently the highest ever) had a large role to play in it, i cant say that.

as i was puttin on my joggers, a thought brushed past my mind, " what sould it be like to put on these shoes every waking day of life, come sun, rain or storm and slog it out in the middle, with the knowledge that next day gonna be the same and the next day and all the coming days." i saluted thm all for making a beginning everyday with the sun rising on the horizon or may be before that.

i broke into a jog. its a lovely feeling, i tell you. nothing beats this experience, if you have got into those running shoes of your will and just started warming up with light breeze blowing across your face. the body gets into rhythm, the joints are moving smoothly now. you can feel not blood but spirit of life flowing into your veins. isnt life all about taking a step forward. life is all about taking a step forward, in your destined path. its not about thinking when do i stop. its not about thinking of distance travelled and the distance yet to be clocked. its just about putting the next step ahead. i learnt a very simple formulafor running. its just putting one leg ahead of anotherand the other leg trying to better it. thats what life is all about. you run the best when you are not thinking of what you have covered and what is yet to be, not when you compete with the fellow runner in the race. its when your legs are competing against each other and try to be ahead in the race that you are at your best. life is no race against anyone but your own self. its this spirit of conquering that i salute. else, what is the motivation behind Usain Bolt battling his own world record. what drives michael phelps into breaking his own marks once, twice and ...... ohh i loose the count. its the spirit of conquering your own self. its thes self we are fighting against. i salute all these world beaters. hey... but i hail them all in the same breath who tried and failed. when saina nehwal reached the distance no suttler had reached, when akhil kumar beat the world champion and yet finished without a medal, when khadke broke the national mark, yet failed to qualify,this is all to be proud of. its all about breaking the barriers and about self belief.

as i do my distance and my breathing gets heavier and thoughts of halting come more often than i want them to, i take yet another step spurred by the dogged determination of all these competitors. the logic says that i have done enough for the day and then i take yet another step spurred by those who by their performance have defied gravity, friction and above all logic.

as i come to a halt eventually, i feel like a winner, a champion. hey dont be fooled i have run nothing more than 5 kms call it 5000 meters in olympics lingo and of course i wont tell you my timing and put off all my readers at once who have grown so used to seeing world record timings. but yes, i have won the battle against my lethargy, my tiredness, my own fears, apprehension and my own self doubt, yeah, when in doubt i put forward that extra step.

cheers to the spirit of running.
cheers to the spirit of olypmpics.
cheers to you.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

varun gandhi : a threat to hinduism

hi all,
a long time since i have put pen to paper electronically that is..
limited access to this beautiful media called as internet is one of the reasons rather an excuse, however i will put the blame squarely on my lethargy.
yeah the issue that shook me up from lethargy is very dear to my heart.
for the few of you who will go through my post would have been caught by surprise when i say that varun gandhi is a threat to the Hinduism. many wont agree but before i take up this issue i must make it clear that i am a hindu and am as much proud of being one as Varun gandhi can possibly think of. but what  mr varun gandhi has done is that he has hurt my pride in being an hindu and the pride of all those who are proud hindus.
his statements while may increase his vote bank by way of misleading the innocent voters who have thier own ideas of hinduism and he may establish himself as the frontrunner in the league of bal thakre and raj thakre, he has caused irreparable damage to the notion of hinnduism. 
he hurts the very essence of hinduism when he says nobody other than hindus are welcome in this country. the hinduism  prides itself in being an all encompassing all inclusive religion and over the centuries we have accepted all with open arms in true spirit of ' vasudhaiv kutumbakam'. how dare he say on behalf of all hindus who till now had no problem buying flowers for puja from a muslim vendor. 
for those who cant see what damage he is causing to us the Hindus, you only have to look around and see what the muslim hardliners and people of the ilk of taliban have done to the Islam. an average muslim is seen with an eye of suspesion for no fault of his in all western countries and wherever he is in minority thanks to these hardliners. does varun gandhi want that we hindus are also looked as potential threat to the humanity in the days to come. well thats what he is doing.
it may not be pallatable to a hindus who want a rightful place for hindus and hinduism. well if u are a non marathi hindu then try and draw a parallel to what do u feel when raj thakre gives a call to evict all non marathis from mumbai. his concept of 'apla manoos' does not include u and u dont feel any better. hope u get the argument.